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January 1, 2012


Articles (online):

  • Jonathon Steele, “Most Syrians back President Assad, but you’d never know from Western propaganda”, The Guardian, 17 Jan 2012,  “Assad’s popularity, Arab League observers, US military involvement: all distorted in the west’s propaganda war”

  • Dr Jeremy Salt,”Truth about Syria: Crazy men in grey suits”,  Eurasia Review, 13 Jan 2012, “The foot soldiers in the campaign to bring down the Syrian government are the armed men calling themselves the Free Syrian Army and the random armed gangs. None of them could maintain their violent campaign without outside support.”

  • Patrick Coburn, “Whose hands are behind those dramatic Youtube Pictures”, The Independent, 15 Jan 2012. “..the internet has only increased the possibilities of spreading the fog of war”

  • Interview with Archbishop of Aleppo, France 24, “President Bashar al-Assad is a good man”

  • Aisling Byrne,  ‘A Torrent of Disinformation: the NeoCon Propaganda Machine “Pushing Regime Change” in Syria’,  CounterPunch 6 Jan 2012

  • “MSM Propaganda on Syria, now comes the silent treatment”, by Sibel Edmonds, Counter PsyOps, 5th Jan 2011

  • Interview with Dr Jeremy Salt,  former Age journalist, currently an academic at a university in Turkey. RT. 4th Jan 2012  (NB: the image of fighters is most likely to have been taken in Libya, and not Syria as claimed.)

  • Youtube video of young men kidnapped by armed men near Aleppo

  • ” The ‘Arab spring’ and the west: seven lessons from history” Drawing on the British Pathé archive, Seumas Milne picks out the recurrent themes of imperial efforts to control the Middle East, The Guardian, 19th Dec 2011.

  • “Arab League mission to Syria becomes focus of demands for military intervention”, by Chris Marsden, World Socialist Web Site, 31 December 2011.

  • “The march to war – Iran and the strategic encirclement of Syria and Lebanon”, by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, 30 December 2011, featured on Australians for Palestine webpage.

  • Franklin Lamb, “Amnesty International’s Flawed Libyan and Syrian ‘Hospitals Investigation”, Opinion Maker, Oct 2011

  • Press TV report on Sibel Edmond, FBI whistle blower, claim, “US training Syrian rebels in Turkey”, 9th December 2011  (NB: documentary on Sibel Edmonds,

  • Ibrahim al-Amin, “A Revolution against Resistance?”, Al-Akhbar English, 4 December 2011                                                                                                               
  • Dr Brian Stoddart, La Trobe University academic, “The Situation in Syria; a first-hand account”, 8 Aug 2011″

Youtube Videos:

  • Cleric Al Qaradawi, President of International Union of Muslim Scholars, gives support to Syrian National Council (opposition outside Syria; his support effectively encourages jihadists to go to Syria to fight army, which is what is happening)
  • Propaganda in the American press, “How to brainwash a nation”; the work of Edward Bernays, CIA and coups, terror campaigns                            

Interviews with President al-Asad

John Simpson, January 7, 2008
Charlie Rose, 27 May 2010,


·          “The New Lion of Damascus: Bashar Al-Asad and Modern Syria”, by David Lesch (2005), a biography of the president

·         “Asad: The Struggle for the Middle East” by Patrick Seale, University of California Press (1988)

Rear Vision
ABC Radio National, Rear Vision, “Democracy in Iraq?” 23 November (A useful resource as it is a reminder of the complexity of the region and the difficulties faced by governments and people trying to fast-track ‘democracy’)

360 Documentaries
Inside Syria, a report by Reece Erlich inside Syria, 10 December, 2011. (This has the voices of Syrian people expressing different views so it is valuable for that reason alone. However, Erlich does not give attention to the killings of soldiers from beginning or the terror of the ‘militia’. These things must have been referred to by many of the people interviewed; they are the main topic of conversation in the Australian Syrian community who learn about the killings, abductions and terror from their family in Syria and satellite TV.  Nor does Erlich refer to the fatwas of extremist clerics and their implications for the conflict. The introduction to the report also presents the official US and allies view: “4,000 demonstrators killed by the military”.)

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