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Faces and Voices of Syria

March 19, 2012

All images taken from Syrian TV.  Syrians comment on the March bomb attacks in Damascus and Aleppo.  For a view of the rallies across Syria on 15 March to support peaceful reform in Syria, go to:

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  1. how you could believe SANA?!

    • Dear Dora, Thank you for your comment. Of course it is important to be cautious with every news source. If SANA is nothing more than a propaganda tool which cannot be trusted at all, the Syrian people would turn their backs on it. However, the faces and the voices of Syrian people are on Syrian TV; they are ‘raw’ interviews you see, and the views of those people must be heard by the world – they are real. There is much evidence that Al-Jazeera has become a propaganda machine fabricating news and even directing some of the armed action against the people and army in Syria; that evidence has to be presented in mainstream news outlets in the West. The fact that it isn’t indicates that it is critical that people do a lot of research to understand what is happening in Syria; critically assess all sources. Regards, Editor

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