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Petition to the Australian Senate, August 2012

Below is a link to the petition organised by Australians for Syria.   It can be printed, signed and mailed to the address at the bottom of the page.  Please do this by 12 August so it can be presented to the Senate ASAP.

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament

The undersigned support a peaceful political solution to the crisis in Syria and so support the Annan Peace Plan. We strongly condemn the support given by countries and individuals to armed groups, including groups aligned with Al-Qaeda and Salafi jihadists, which are killing thousands of Syrians and terrorizing millions. We condemn the Australian government’s sanctions against Syria as they will not only lead to much greater hardship for the people of Syria but will not help to ensure peace in that country.

We are also troubled by the presentation of the news about Syria by the ABC and SBS as in general we believe both networks present a biased and misinformed view of events in Syria and this can encourage extremist elements in the community to radicalize segments of the community and recruit fighters for a jihad against secular Syrians.

Therefore, we call on the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committees to reassess the Australian government’s response to the crisis in Syria. We demand that the government pressure those countries that arm and support anti-government fighters, which include terrorists, to stop that support immediately and demand that they respect the Annan Peace Plan. We ask that the necessary resources are committed to ensure that the best expert advice on the crisis in Syria can be presented to the government. We ask that the presentation of the views on the crisis in Syria by the ABC and SBS be closely examined by Senator Conroy’s office with reference to a wide range of people in the Syrian Australian community, expert analyses, and to all the facts available.

An Australia that seeks peace in the world in an honest and independent manner is an Australia which will command respect in the international community.




A comment from a member of the general Australian community:

…..I find the whole treatment of the Syrian situation abominable.  Especially disturbing is the implicit support for the rebels and the refusal to understand that the government, just like any other government, has a legitimate reason for opposing them.  In the case of the situation in Aleppo and its possible ‘blood bath’ I would expect that the international community, instead of condemning the government for its actions, would argue that the rebels should lay down their arms and submit themselves to the protection of the Red Crescent or Red Cross (and the international community).   Instead he international community seems, by its actions, to be to advocating the very thing that they condemn the government for instigating.


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